Super Snoopy 050 4:30pm, 30 July 2012
I've been told that the use of PTFE tape with gas joints on a boat cooker is a big no no. However I recall (in the days when I was gainfully employed) that on big gas lasers that we used, PTFE tape on hydrogen and hydrogen fluoride pipework systems was de rigeur. Does anyone have an opinion or professional knowledge?
pjbharrison 6 years ago
I believe there is a yellow version that is slightly heavier than the usual white tape used in plumbing.
as far as I remember "Pipe dope" is supposed to give a more reliable seal.
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
I thought that we had somebody on here who was a gas fitter ot at least had something to do with gas fitting a one stage can't remember now who it was.
rothwell_neil 6 years ago
I remember that you can get PTFE-G as in for use with gas. I believe it is thicker but no more expensive, usual plumbers merchants should be able to supply.
jendave1 6 years ago
My understanding is that PTFE can leave very fine 'stringy bits' at the edge of the thread when tightening. Modern gas appliances have some very fine orifices that can easily become blocked, hence ordinary PTFE tape can cause blockages. Never use PTFE or similar on breathing air fittings (diving) for the same reason. The gas versions shouldn't give the fine debris, but a correctly fitted joint shouldn't need tape!
I remember working with a plumber who asked me what PTFE stood for - I said 'poly tetra flouro ethylene' or something. He says 'No, you're way off. it's Plumbers Tape For Engineers'.
Super Snoopy 050 6 years ago
Thanks for the input boys. Have ordered all the bits mail order from an outfit in N Ireland. With the postage at £5 it's a lot easier and cheaper than traipsing around locally - I've got at least a 20 mile round trip if I need anything more exotic than baler twine or foot rot medicine for sheep!
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