Mike A1 2:22pm, 6 July 2012
Yesterday evening the torch was taken by water to Ipswich, and if you look at this video it is possible to see my Amare at about 6 seconds in: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-18722736. Hardly a major role, but it's nice to see she is still there!

I'll be on board later and hopefully there will be no adverse affects of the wash that was created by a such big motor cruiser powering past the moorings. I'm glad the spaces either side of Amare were vacant.
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
yeh fame at last...lol
Vidwatts 6 years ago
Nice to see Amare still there - though I do remember its quite a, shall we say, fragrant spot on the river. At least it was when I was doing my YM from Ipswich last year and we went past her a few times.

Having tried out single-handing an Achilles for the first time recently it would be good to meet up again at some point, this time not only on the water, to discuss such matters.
Mike A1 6 years ago
Ah yes - the sewage works is a bit whiffy when the wind is in the wrong direction.

Yes it would be nice to meet up. I'm expecting to be sailing to the Blackwater/Crouch/Medway (depends on the weather) for the week of 15th July although the chances of our paths crossing like last time are rather slim!
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