roger.shorter 9:42am, 12 June 2012
Hi All
I'm looking to see if anybody has a spare spreader or can recommend where I can get suitable tubing. The outside diameter is 1" and inside diameter 3/4"
Acerra broke her mooring last Friday in the storm and ended up against the prom at Neyland Fortunately there was minor hull damage, just two small holes and lots of scratches but one of the spreaders is very bent and we need to replace it.
Any help would be great thanks.
rothwell_neil 6 years ago
If you can just use aluminium tube then this is available, 10 gauge 25mm should be right as this will be 18.6mm or 3/4" near as.
roger.shorter 6 years ago
Thanks for the link; will look into this
rothwell_neil 6 years ago
Hope damage is not too great.
roger.shorter 6 years ago
Spreader Update
Managed to find some tubing at a local engineering firm they cut it to length and bored out both ends so that our fittings fitted!
Thanks for the input.
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