First sail.

busy home [deleted] 9:44am, 5 June 2012
I roughly tensioned the rig .not too tight.
Hoisted the main, left the no 2 on deck all attached,
Started the motor on tickover,
brought the dingy up and cast off.
It was blowing one at most!
She started away on main only....same as a 24.
But some how steadier. Neutral helm.
Got out past moored boats, left helm, Hoisted jib,, cut motor.
sheeted in and ,,,,, sh*t .... this thing flies.... Ive still not touched the helm.. 4.1 kts ... Off Mylor ,, wind picking up now 3,, heeled not as much as a 24 but steadier motion, just in a groove,,,, 5.4 kts
Now .... Ive got lee helm .. main is high side on traveller car sheeted in
plenty of twist, Jib is full in foot ,sheeted in to crosstrees,
Shrouds very slack in fact loose. (Im only using left arm as damaged back stopping strength in right one Difficult to do these jobs one handed)
But this achilles 25 is very fast and steady,
Tacking is easy but requires the self tailer to sheet in the jib from the start, I will get better at this later,
I put her on autohelm .... is it broken?? ,,, no movement.... then it did,, a bit .. It works fine . just not required.
jendave1 6 years ago
Sounds like you've had great fun.
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
No regrets then
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Sounds great, Ron
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
Been a bit breezy down your way through the night Ron hope all OK at the moorings, same of course goes for all especially Bristol Channel way according to weather news SW been hit quite hard.
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
Wednesday eve I heard the forecast .. S 8.. 9.!0 southerly.
the merc grew wings.
Got on board about 8pm. Motored to Turnaware Bar. tied up with treble lines.. During the night it got up. Bad.. Lost a fender .a big one. still had
five others out.The boat was shaking badly, Mast vibrating. bashing on pontoon Re positioned all halliards to bow seemed to stop shaking.
Blew hard all day Thursday and rained hard, A few leaks ..fore hatch
Blew hard all day today ,, eased off to 6 went sw,,
Wind and tide (springs) against me .wondered if 8 hp was enough?!
to get back to mooring.. Let go full power !!! NO problem shot off at
4 kts.. no problems. Shes back at Loe Beach.
40ft yacht on the rocks a t St Mawes,
Jester 22ft er ? rescued off lizard .. ?
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Glad to hear both you and Carrie are safe
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
Very relieved...
Double bed and standing room and a separate loo. .. bliss
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
yes those extra luxuries do help glad you are all ok hope Blue is too
NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
Glad all well. Are you sleeping on board?
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
I semi slept! Wed night Thurs night,, Home Fri.

Blue Ok
No damage at loe beach as far as I know.
Only a few of us moved out, Dont people worry??
rothwell_neil 6 years ago
Glad all OK looked wild.
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
Really bad ,, 60+ i recon.. Luckily I chose the lee side on pontoon. as waves were comming over at one point .. It was difficult to stand up on it. ,, The vibration through the whole boat was severe until I led the numerious halliard s to stem .. that seemed to help a lot.. The large pontoon was like a snake!
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Good to hear you both survived. Hope you weren'tfoolish enough to do it all on your own!
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
I was foolish.. Still on half power , due to back.
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
I hope Nurse Sue has taken you in hand and given you a good talking to, after all Ron isn't that why you have those strapping sons of yours??
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