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CharlieG171 8:46pm, 22 May 2012
Hi Just begining to have have some fun on our recent purchase of an A24 Charlotte Gertrude out of Rye in East Sussex. Had a bit bother getting back onto the berth before tide was too far out, resulting in a broken stantion. Any ideas as to how to replace and where to get a replacement. Been looking through the pages on the Achilles web site which is a great source of information but can't find a supplier for this or a plan with the parts detailed on it. Any comments welcome
Andrew and Mary Hewitt
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Welcome to the site, Andrew and Mary.
I hope you'll find it a great source of inspiration and help as I and others have done.
welkman001 6 years ago
Hi Andrew and Mary.

Welcome to the group. Can you upload some pictures of the damage and your Achilles?

Skykomish E29 6 years ago
Welcome We are fairly local to you around the coast at Margate, we owned a triple keeler "Aeolus" doing a fair bit of work on her before moving to the "Dark Side" and buying something a bit bigger.
Hope you find the site useful. I know a couple of members have replaced stanchions Ron (Chillie Pepper) and I think Neil Rothwell did so may be worth picking their brains, would be great if you could upload some pictures of your boat to the group.
Are you in Rye Harbour or on a mooring further in the town? We shall look out for you when next passing
Andrew Curry Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Andrew Curry (member) 6 years ago

Think these might be as close as you will get

Check carefully that the height for the lower guard rail is correct before ordering.
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
I vejust bought 2 of these (force 4) Good quality ,
Red Marlin 6 years ago
Welcome. Good to get another Achilles on board.
Little_Plum 6 years ago
Welcome to the group. I used to sail from Rye Harbour when I was 13/14 and used to know it quite well. My Grandfather was a friend of the Harbour Master so we couldn't get into much trouble.

We used to live in Guestling Thorn not too far from Rye.

Enjoy your new boat - and I hope you get the stanchion sorted out.

A couple of mine were a bit wobbly when I first got Little Plum. In both cases it was the hole for the retaining screw that had worn away in the deck stanchion base rather than the stanchion itself. I managed to drill a new hole in each base and putting in a new stainless steel self-tapper. They have been no trouble since.


CharlieG171 6 years ago
Thanks to all for encouraging replies. Made do and mend for the meantime til I can find one to match. Look forward to meeting other Achilles boats over the season. Had lovely sail in Ray Bay today, wish the drying river gave us longer on the water.
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
We have the same problem where we have our boat. The Pilot guide suggests access 2 hours either side of high water but the reality is 1 hour each way and by the time we have negotiated the creek leading out to the river you don't have a great deal of time actually sailing. We are however luckier than you perhaps in that if we have the time we can stay out on the river for twelve hours or so if need be and come back in on the next tide, that would I imagine be quite a worrying prospect down there on the South Coast with very few options should the weather change, though I should think Eastbourne must be quite a good destination to plan a trip to?
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