9M skeg

Super Snoopy 050 3:35pm, 11 April 2012
Super Snoopy recently had an insurance survey at the behest of my current insurers. It was done by McNeil Marine Surveying of Burry Port and was most comprehensive, taking some 51/2 hours. The main item of concern was damage to the bottom part of the skeg, probably caused some time ago by the rudder going hard over while in reverse. The old repair was not deemed up to scratch and so I've been attending to it today. The lower 9" or so of the skeg should be able to come off by removing three screws each side and pulling down the resultant loose bit. The screws came out with unbelievable ease, but despite hitting seven kinds of s**t (in a downward manner), the bottom of the skeg remains resolutely in situ.
Does anyone know if there are more than 6 screws holding the bottom on and is there a better form of removal other than getting a bigger hammer?
Daddsie 7 years ago
Speaking from experience, 047 Rumrunner has three fixings in a triangular formation, 048 Orion has just two horizontal fixings.

I can only suggest, find an electrician with one of those metal, wire detectors and have a poke about.
Tranquillity1 7 years ago
Mine also has 3 screws on each side in a triangular formation. When I came to remove mine, I had to find the seam between the upper and lower part of the skeg and clean it out as some filler was holding it in place.

Once all the filler was cleaned out, it game out relatively easily
Super Snoopy 050 7 years ago
Thanks for the tips. In fact there were 4 sets of screws in Super Snoopy's skeg. When all located, the shoe came out readily. I was impressed by the fit and cleanliness of the arrangement. Pictures added to photosteam for the sake of completeness.
Amrum 9171Y Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Amrum 9171Y (member) 7 years ago
Thanks for the photos - very interesting, and bound to be of use to someone in the future. I'll have a look tomorrow at the 840 skeg and see if I can see how that is set up.
Was there any particular reason the insurer wanted the survey?
frankoh2012 7 years ago
Hi all,

I'm new to the group but like the top man supper snooppy OI have just ad a survey done and have been told that the lower pintel bolt is loose and worn. Has any one carried out this repair or have drawings for the job area that I can use? Thanks
frankoh2012 6 years ago
hi all,

have had the repair done. Build not like super snoopy, lower pintle was a direcr weld to the steel structure within the skeg. See the photos. New rigging, cockpit drains, bilge containment area, and 3/4 inch inlets for the beta 3 cyclinder 20 hp. So sorted boat back in the water and ready for a sail aftera month lay off.
NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
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