Little_Plum 7:52am, 2 April 2012
Had a nice cruise from Portishead to Cardiff over the weekend. There was no wind on Sunday so we had to motor all the way back - which was a bit noisy !!

We rafted up against Shamal and had a nice natter with Ed and Lou. We noticed something different across both A24s. Little Plums cap stays come down to the rear deck fitting with the lower stays being attached to the front two deck fittings. Shamals cap stays go to the middle deck fitting, while the lowers go fore and aft of it. So we are wondering how it was intended to be fitted,

LPs main goes up the mast on luff sliders, while Shamals uses the bolt rope. Lps main is made of far heavier sail cloth and the bolt rope simple would never go into the mast track.

Only a couple of things went wrong - For some reason the main decided it did not want to go up the last foot. We took it down, and put it up again - no problem.

I will try to upload some pictures...


NormanKlipspringer Posted 7 years ago. Edited by NormanKlipspringer (admin) 7 years ago
As I understand the rig, the cap shrouds should be in line with the mast so fitted to the centre fitting and the lower shrouds which can then be used to prebend the mast are fore and aft.
If you look carefully at the following link you can see the shrouds attached as I said.
Little_Plum 7 years ago
Hi Norman,

Thanks for the info and the link. I will probably leave them as they are for now because Little Plum is beautifully balanced at the moment - and I don't want to upset all the previous owner(s) tuning efforts !!


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