Little_Plum 8:05am, 14 May 2012
We took Little Plum up to Thornbury Sailing Club on Saturday. Wind was 2 - 3 on the way up so a rather gentle sail. Rob and Snifter met us just outside the Yacht Club - much snapping of cameras. Unfortunately I had taken Little Plums sails down as I was a bit worried that we might be a bit late getting on to the jetty. I needn't have worried - as usual Rob had planned our sailing time table to the minute.

It was great to see Rob again and he showed us around Amrum. She is a lovely yacht and you get to stand up in the saloon !.

One of the topics Rob and I discussed was an incident when a rope fell down Snifters outboard well and got stuck on the rudder. Just after we left the Thornbury John reported that our rudder was 'sticking' - and indeed it was. Guess what - John found that a rope had found its way down the well - and I had visions of having to pay out for a lift to get it sorted out. Anyway we got lucky, with a bit of rudder jiggle and a bit of a heave the rope was retrieved and the rudder was fine again.

Thornbury sailing club must have magic powers. Little Plums log had not been working, however after a night sat in the mud it decided to work again - counter intuitive or what...

We had a cracking sail back ,albeit with the wind on the nose, in a nice steady F4. We got hit by a down draft when we approached the old Severn bridge which left us a bit flummoxed, but it did not last long.

Thornbury Sailing Club is very friendly and helpful to visitors, and we are looking forward to going back and perhaps haveing a longer weekend so we can explore that stretch of the severn.

I will be emailing the photos John took of Snifter to Rob and no doubt he will post some of them here.


Amrum 9171Y 7 years ago
Great weekend, Gee - come again soon. I've added a shot of you arriving. LP looks very trim.
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