jendave1 7:13pm, 12 March 2012
Having put Shurig on the market, have found how difficult it is to put a price on things. If you add up what we bought her for and what's been spent, the total is way too much to consider asking.
I've seen comments like 'people with unrealistic expectations' and so on, and there are some really cheap A24s around.
It seems that to offer 10 or 15% less than the asking price seems to be quite normal.
I know that if someone bought a boat for half the price then added all the bits we've added, it would come to much more than what we're asking. But then it's also a buyer's market at the moment.
On top of all that, we're geographically remote so have a limited market to begin with.
Is it all a matter of luck to find the right person looking at the right time?
Red Marlin 7 years ago
I have been told that you can expect to spend 10% of the what I paid for the boat each year on maintenance and up grades - and you never get this back. Seems to have worked on me as we paid £16000.00 in 1990 and on average have spent 10% PA. There have been high years like the new engine and not too many low years. So I have bought Red Marlin 3 times. So what is it worth now ? Still £16000.00 or more because of the up-grades. Jan thinks it is worth more - most wives do. If I had someone standing on the dock who fell in love with it I could maybe get a good price. But I have to tempt someone to travel too see the boat and a high price would put them off. I would have to set low price and a very accurate description to get interest. I suspect I would get some very low offers in todays market - many before they had even paid to come and see the boat. And of course we know what good boats the Achilles are but potential buyers may not.
Red Marlin 7 years ago
My above comments were very general. I have just looked at the details of Shurig and in my opinion she is worth every penny you are asking.
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
Since you are only a short sail from North Antrim coast I would consider advertising in N Ireland as well. Price wise I don’t think you are asking too much and having a trailer will help the boat sell.
rothwell_neil 7 years ago
Value is hard to decide as a top quality A24 with good sails and engine should be worth more than £5K but doesn't ever seem to attract the real value. Something of a glass ceiling, in this case glassfibre ceiling? Also seems to be a narrow band for poor condition low spec at £3K and perfect at £5K.

You will never recover the time spent on the boat. From my experience if I look at the price I paid plus the money I spent then I lost money. Interestingly if you then take away 10% per year then I broke even. However if you include the fun then best value for money ever in both doing it up and sailing.

The Hustler is interesting as very little spent other than consumables but 100+ hours so far. So all the bits I need but not necessarily in the right condition.

As far as selling Emily, put ad on Normans web site and told people it was for sale and posted flyers in local boat places. Got three interested parties.

One word of mouth from previous owner telling a friend that boat was on market. He wanted an A24 to learn to sail with idea to move on in 2 years.

One heard from a friend at Fiddlers Ferry, once sailed an A24 and fancied getting back on the water. Wanted delivery to North Wales (not an issue).

Mike who bought the boat who was after an A24 and wanted one in NW. I think I got a fair price and think Mike got a nice boat.

Think it is down to luck and timing, when I looked at a Sadler 25 in Kipp Marina, man there told me that he could sell A24s easily for £4-5K and would happily take on Emily. Suggest that mailing a flyer to all sailing clubs may work?

Good luck.
NormanKlipspringer Posted 7 years ago. Edited by NormanKlipspringer (admin) 7 years ago
I have to agree with the comments made. You cannot expect to get back the money you have spent on the boat. I had someone interested in Archimedes last year who eventually went off and spent less than £2000 on an A24. Not a bad deal but was hardly what I would call sorted. I think at least £2000 is needed to get the boat upto the standard of Archimedes. Unfortunately the buyers are just seeing an Achilles and don't look at the detail specification and condition. I hope that someone will come along who really can see what they are getting, but I may have to wait for that. The only offers I have received are about 70% of asking price. negotiation yes, but I am not giving it away.
Red Marlin 7 years ago
Interestingly I paid £3800 for Achilles of Abersoch (110) in 1985 in Thurrock and sold it in 1990 for the same price at Kip. It was in good condition but not as well equipped as boats up for sale now.

I had lost the mast and rigging in a storm a few months earlier and had to replace them. I was a buyer for North Sea platforms so John Shaw in Sheffield did the rigging at cost for me and provided a test certificate for each wire.

The buyers survey said "the mast is in reasonable condition for the age of the boat but the rigging needs renewing"
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
Another problem that often persuades somebody to take a lower offer is the fact that all the time the boat is sitting around waiting to be sold she is costing money in terms of mooring fees and this can quickly add up particularly if you already have a replacement boat and are paying double!!!! This is often a bargaining chip when purchasing however it can come back to haunt when it comes to selling too
jendave1 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by jendave1 (member) 7 years ago
Thanks for the comments, some reassurance at least. To be fair it's early days, and the storage costs are just really the view from my office window!
I can't say I'm surprised by Marlin's report on the standing rigging, surveyors do seem to have an issue with the whole idea of SWR!
I'm thinking now it will be the long game, like the idea of circulating details to sailing clubs.
Campbeltown SC is linked to Cushendall SC, so could perhaps look at something on that side of the water through them. I put her on Apollo Duck, which I thought was popular in NI?
As has been said, the joy has been worth every penny - only thing is the pennies have run out a bit!
Phase 2 is to go through a broker, but to my mind that would mean a poorer deal both for me and the buyer and I'm not sure the value is enough to make it worthwhile.
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
I agree we sold Aeolus ourselves Commission fees really kill a deal have you tried E bay classified ads??? Now is the ideal time to sell especially with all of the fine weather that we have had.

We were VERY lucky when we sold Aeolus in that we had several people look at her and did manage to sell her before renewing the mooring fees which would have started making things expensive.
Unfortunately like most we didn't make anything on the sale as we had refurbished the interior totally recovering the cushions and replacing a couple in the saloon with high density foam, a new engine new sails new spray hood, new dodgers........ but hey that is boat ownership and to be honest I feel a lot better selling something that I know has been looked after. At least boats don't depreciate like cars!!!!

Aeolus came with a trailer originally and we sold that to fund some of the work as we kept her in a marina so the trailer was redundant. This helped with the overall figures when you add things up.
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