pjbharrison 7:02pm, 26 April 2012
Went to a presentation about flotilla sailing at Skerries club a couple of weeks ago and managed to persuade Janet to come along. She has never sailed but was very impressed by presentation and says we may try a flotilla in Med next year.

Any experience or opinions on flotilla sailing?
Good companies, venues,times?
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
We have never done it but a colleague recommended "Sailing Holidays Ltd" as they found them more helpful when it came to bare boat charter
plus they had a good range of smaller yachts for couples
blueachilles 7 years ago
we have been with Sailing Holidays several times, to Greece and Croatia - although they don't do Croatia any more. Decent boats, good lead crews, very helpful staff.

Flots are great; better I feel than bareboating because you have the support if anything goes wrong with the boat, and you have a ready made social life when you arrive in port, or you can go off and do your own thing.

The weather is better than sailing in the UK, and the boats have standing headroom!!
Red Marlin 7 years ago
So there we were moored at Sivota Levkas at the start of the season. What I thought was the first flotilla arrived. The lead boat came in and assisted all the other boats to moor up. All made a complete mess of it. They all had a party at Yannis Taverna and left the following day. Once again the lead boat had to assist all the boats get to sea, they all were very poor sailors indeed. Spoke to Yannis when they left and asked how the first flotilla of the season went. He replied " that was not a flotilla it was a training session for this years flotilla skippers"
Daddsie 7 years ago
blueachilles 7 years ago
That really surprises me Red, because all the Sailing Holidays Ltd crews we have been with have been excellent sailors, and good people managers and hosts. They are all fully qualified.

I can understand that bare boats and people like yourself must despair when they see the flotillas arrive - although the Taverna owners must love it.
farmer boy 7 years ago
Wife and I went with Sailing Holidays.com.... (flotilla thingy). we had a great time although I was surprised they let me loose with a yacht - I told them I had only sailed a laser and they just said "if you are happy to go, we are too!"
Huge thunderstorms in the 1st hour, wife sick as a dog, 2 inches of hail in the cockpit, water right over the top of the boat, huge gusts that had the boat right over, phone destroyed, camera destroyed, gash in forehead after banging on main hatch (must remember to open it next time), wife got hypothermia, turned round and ran back to the marina, crashed into most of the Greek navy boats and then various yachting people parked the yacht properly, fed us, dried us out and then had a good laugh!

We ended up being famous and made loads of friends and then spent the rest of the week looking for a light breeze! needless to say we did a lot of motoring!

Best holiday I ever had and what made me buy a boat and what convinced wife never to go near another one!
Red Marlin 7 years ago
I had avoided naming the company. It was not Sailing Holidays who have a base in Sivota but Neilson. I know many of the people at Sailing Holidays and I do like them and their company. They have a lot of older and smaller boats which are well maintained and are good value for money.
Did tag on to a flotilla once across to Meganissi and go for a group meal - it was a hoot. But amazed at the prices the Taverna was charging (Guess they have to give the flotilla leaders their cut)
pjbharrison 7 years ago
Farmer boy You always seem to have "adventures". Are you sure you should be contemplating this "round the world" expedition?
I'm really looking forward to reading of your trials, tribulations and exploits but I'm also a bit concerned for your safety and for those you encounter along the way
farmer boy 7 years ago
I must admit I had second thoughts after viewing the wrecked yachts......!!!
I have run out of steam today..... I went to the boat this morning and there are so many jobs yet to do I just did not know where to start. The rigging is a complete mystery to me and it was cold and the wind was blowing into the cockpit and I have stopped smoking - I need a break!
The blessing is that there is no need to climb the bloody ladder to get on board but I have to remember to take the correct tools with me! Every silver lining has a cloud!

I hope a bit of practice sailing around North wales will get things sorted out and then I am determined to head south... it is too cold in the NW for messing about in boats!

Just getting out of the Mersey next week will be fun.. Neil is coming with me thank heavens! I will let you know how we get on....
pjbharrison 7 years ago
Off to the Med/Aegean tonight
Look forward to reading next instalment in your epic voyages when I get back. Fair winds...
rothwell_neil 7 years ago
Best get back on the boat and finish it in time for our cruise to all points west. Most important part will be to make sure you have the victuals in, don't forget the tea.
farmer boy 7 years ago
Aye aye captain... it is far too wet today - day off for me i think!
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