Lesson's learnt!

farmer boy 8:09pm, 2 March 2012
Just thought I would post some info regarding buying "stuff" when doing up a boat.......

I have been amazed how expensive anything to do with yachts is - I thought people were joking at first but it is literally very true. I have found Ebay and internet searches well worthwhile and I have been amazed how much money can be saved and how quickly stuff is delivered.

Best of all though has been the local engineering works... tiny little place on a local industrial estate. The owner has been so helpful and has taken a real interest in what I am doing. He has made me some vesconite (plastic stuff) bearings for the cutlass thingy and because I had bought too much of the plastic rod he turned an extra two and then made the bearing housing out of some scrap bronze he had - so I have ended up with 3 complete units that can be just bolted on when needed - he said it would be tricky to press in the bearings without the proper equipment.

Also... I need a new prop shaft "control tube thing" - its a piece of stainless 25mm tube - the old one had worn were the cutlass bearing rotates. He sent it away to see if it could be built up with chrome and then re- machined (no luck) then said he will just make a new one! The "proper" replacement is nearly £300 from the original manufacturer - the 316 stainless tube cost me £40 and the job cost a tenner. He cut it to size and put a thread on one end... that was it!

You may remember I got some welding done on the A24 rudder stock for a few quid and he has also modified the new damper in the trailer for free... he said it only took 10 mins so no charge.

I never even considered getting work done using an engineer... I always just bought new replacement stuff in the past... not anymore!

So.... if you have a local engineer - cultivate him (or her).... it will save a load of money..

ps Neil has got some amazing bargains from the chap at the marina and some wonderful and cheap stuff from China....

pps do we have a list somewhere of recommended suppliers?
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
Recommended suppliers have to be posted on the main club site, we did start doing it on here but it contravenes Flickr rules re advertising if you give your list to Norman he will post the details I am sure
farmer boy 7 years ago
Thanks ... that makes sense - will do...
jendave1 7 years ago
There's also a terrific degree of satisfaction from saving money.
I've repaired seams on the genoa and replaced zips in the spray-hood using needle and thread so no real cost.
Unfortunately if you work it out at my usual hourly rate it would have been cheaper to replace the genoa & spray-hood (not that my hourly rate is high, it just took ages), but that's not the point...
farmer boy 7 years ago
Yes - I think if we all included our labour costs we would give up and try stamp collecting instead.
NormanKlipspringer 7 years ago
Recommended suppliers are on
Let me have details and I will add them.
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