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Bowesyboats 9:23pm, 15 February 2012
Hello all,
Not yet a boat owner but hope to be soon. Have set my heart on an Achillies but want to buy the right boat at a price I can afford. Still looking. obviously!!!
About me, ex dinghy champion (Laser) who just lost the passion for sailing. Recent events such as getting married and having a daughter have re-focused my memories and I have realised after 15years that actually I miss it very much...
Why an Achillies, well my first sailing club, Lilliput SC had 3 or 4 when I was a kid so I know of the boat. I am in the process of re-joining Lilliput and one of those owners still has his boat today. Thats nearly 40 years of ownership. Ray told me a couple of days ago that he has never regretted his choice. For Poole Harbour the fin is not too deep. Sailed light they have dinghy like handling but are still sturdy in a breeze. In short its a boat that can truly be raced or cruised. Sounded good to me.

Getting the bug again is a bit like, no, it is a curse and I will no doubt be asking questions in the future.
Congrats on an excellent site and information


busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
Chille and Goskar are still available.
craig48uk 7 years ago
Welcome Simon!
NormanKlipspringer 7 years ago
Welcome Simon. have a look at the following where there are several boats for sale.
Good luck in your search.
Slycat777 7 years ago
I'm a fairly new owner (bought last year) and totally love the boat. I use mine in some fairly challenging waters and it always does well.
Andrew Curry 7 years ago

Welcome to the site.
pjbharrison 7 years ago
Welcome to the site, Simon
blueachilles 7 years ago
Welcome, and Congrats on the choice of boat - there are plenty available from here, follow the link on Norman's post.

I fear life will never be the same again......!
farmer boy 7 years ago
Hi and welcome....
I have just been adding up the cost of "doing up" my previous Achilles 24... it was not that bad to start with but I have easily got to £1500 without even trying! Now factor in the hours and hours and hours and hours of back breaking work and the true cost was close to £25,000 at £10 per hour....... :). Then factor in the slipped disc, the caustic soda burns, the hours on the internet working out how to do stuff, not to mention death from breathing a variety of toxic fumes (antifoul dust etc..) and then the damage to my environment (nothing lives in my shed anymore) and there is only one sensible conclusion......
Pay an extra £1000 and buy one some other poor sod has done up!!! Seemples!!!

If I were to start again I would just buy one from Chile pepper or another knowledgeable member and spend hours enjoying it!!!!!

Then again - what would I do all winter?

farmer boy 7 years ago
ps - despite the above - I am just in the process of "doing up" another yacht.... so guess that makes me a complete, five star, grade A, world class, glutton for punishment - never again!

mmm.. where did I put those seacocks,........
Bowesyboats 7 years ago
Thanks everyone I feel truly welcomed, and even have some leads.
A big "HELL YEAH" to farmer boy I know exactly what you mean. Have to be honest if i had the money i would buy Chillie Pepper tomorrow, a boat well sorted.
Will keep you guys posted
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
Try a bid on either.. !
Goskars interior has got wet and needs redoing.
Amrum 9171Y 7 years ago
Welcome! They are great boats, and everything said above is true - buy a good boat that has been done up well by her owner, and you can get sailing immediately. Buy a cheap 'project' and you'll spend a lot of time and even more money, but you will end up with something which is truly 'yours'. Ok if you're going to keep it long term, but - as farmer boy has demonstrated so entertainingly over the months - if you sell it quickly, an expensive hobby! The previous owner of Snifter had spent £000s on her, and I've spent at least another £1500 (on sails, interior etc). It makes Chille look very good value to me!
As a racer, you will have fun. I'm still amazed how well A24s perform against much bigger boats, particularly in tough conditions.
let us know how your search goes.
Super Snoopy 050 7 years ago
While all the sales pitches are going on, Snoopy is still available (offers welcome) and has the advantage of a Beta 10 inboard with less than 100 hours on the clock!
Skykomish E29 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 7 years ago
Great little Engine Snoopy we have the Beta 13 HP which I believe is just a bored out 10, but lovely smooth and quiet.
Having sailed with Ron on Chilie I can vouch for the quality of work, she is superb and with interest rates at an all time low what better time to "Push the Boat out" so to speak....
I cannot comment on the others as I have not seen them in person
But I can also agree with Snoopy an inboard does have some advantages depending on where you sail, for us petrol was a problem to get hold of on the East Coast and was a constant worry if long periods of engine use were needed as a lot of marinas don't sell it
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