lukeeole 8:18pm, 27 March 2012
Hello, long time no action.

Eole - sail no 364, from Neyland, has come out of the water and come up the road to our barn to undergo a dramatic refit.

In 2 days I have manage to strip all deck fittings, winches, mast, hatches, tracks, guard rails and electrics and have now started to fix the very large barrel of problems that lay before me.

Anyway back on topic.

The bracket in the anchor locker which acts as an anchor for the forestay has rusted to the stage that it was unsafe to keep the boat on the water 2 years ago, yet the boat kept racing!

I need some help on the best way to takle the problem as this could obviously spell death to the old girl if something went wrong.

forestay bracket (whats left of it) by lukeeole
songeur2010 7 years ago
I see you've looked at my photo stream and seen my one. Frankly I couldn't get it out without cutting out the deck at the bow. All the photos of how I did it and the replacement part I had made are on my photo stream.
I've been out in gust to 40knots (same weekend as the Volvo boats left Auckland) and it's held strong.
The main reason these fail will be leaks through the fore stay chain plate so make sure you seal it up good after making repairs. If you have a chain locker hatch then the repair will be a lot easier I should think. Good luck .
lukeeole 7 years ago
thinking of cutting away the foreward bullkhead and then dropping the locker out through the cabin, then taking the glas off the top and sides to release the bracket. once thats done replacing with a new bracket (modified) and glassing it back onto the hull
rothwell_neil 7 years ago
If you can unbolt it from the deck end then just cut it off flush at the hull and glass a new one in?
lukeeole 7 years ago
thats the plan but cant get at the damn thing as it is glassed in behind the anchor locker, so that has to go first
songeur2010 7 years ago
One of the possible problems with cutting it off and leaving part of it in place is that as it continues to corrode it may delaminate the fiberglass around it. I would recommend cutting all of it out if you can.
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