Daddsie 10:05pm, 26 January 2012
Although Rumrunner had an IRC certificate for a number of years, do you think I can find the blessed things!

Does anyone have an IRC number for a 9m?

I am having a discussion with the gentleman who is running Byron, I have managed to get him down to 972 on PY which is still ridiculous for our boats.

I need the number to prove that a Contessa 32 gives us time.
Super Snoopy 050 7 years ago
NUSC ditched the Byron system after a number of years. It seemed to us that if you slipped them a tenner, you could choose your rating.
Super Snoopy (3blade prop) is now rated at 1066 and Aquilla (2 blade prop) is 1006. However I never race - it spills the tea and attracts bad language, so sorry no IRC certificate.
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