Own up!

Slycat777 3:09pm, 6 January 2012
So.. who googled:

"Sailing to Iceland in an Achilles 24"

Skykomish E29 7 years ago
Slycat777 7 years ago
Was looking at the google analytics's for my web site and noticed someone arrived at it after googling for "Sailing to Iceland in an Achilles 24'"

Thought it had to be someone on here :)

Had thought about it myself till I measured the distance!!
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
It's a longggg way across some pretty rough sea... though the Vikings did it in open boats, and let's face it in the Summer you wouldn't have to worry about night sailing
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
Dont think that has been done so far. Your could always be the 1st Chris.
pjbharrison 7 years ago
It was done in a Wayfarer!
Slycat777 7 years ago
Eeep! Don't think it'll be me goin going first! It's a long trip for sure

I'll shoot for scottish islands first!
jendave1 7 years ago
I thought it could have been Jenny, but she says not. I don't use Google on principal so couldn't have been me. We have had a longer term plan to sail to Iceland for a while, but not really in the A24!
Slycat777 7 years ago
Yes, for me it fell into the 'on retirement in my 33+ft boat' plan!
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
Slycat the way this site is going you won't have to wait until retirement to get the 33ft boat as the trend seems to be already set. :)
NormanKlipspringer 7 years ago
Just received the following via email. I presume Mike does not want to joinFlickr so I have taken the liberty of copying his email here for interest.
I've just had a look at the Achilles website and noted a topic about the Achilles 24 circumnavigating Iceland. This was indeed true. Ron Cook sailing out of Ravenglass in Cumbria did it in the mid 1980s via the Faroe Islands.I did a Coastal Skipper course in the late 80s with Ron, who was a Yachtmaster instructor. We sailed from Ravenglass to Loch Sunart and back to Oban. Our course was part of a staged trip which involved the Caladonian Canal, across the North Sea to Norway then as far north as the Lofoten Islands. I believe he got into the Baltic and went as far as Sweden. Ron's yacht was called Teal, a light blue triple keeler with a small petrol engine which had to be stopped before going into reverse. It was always Ron's contention that summers were better the further north you went.
Hope this is of interest.

Mike Kermode
Slycat777 7 years ago
great bit of info!
Super Snoopy 050 7 years ago
I recall that Ron Cook was a bit of a celeb in small boat circles in the 70's. He used to write for the magazine "Small Boat" and did lots of interesting trips in a 17' Lysander also called Teal.
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