Refitting step

Slycat777 7:31pm, 1 January 2012
Got the mast down while afloat and now looking at getting a better mast step seal to stop it leaking. The section which the mast step sits on is a bit misshapen (was actually for a long thin step, mine is a bit wider.

Going to take away some of the raised section so my step sits flush.

Question is.. just sit the step on the metal plate or use a hard wood riser as a cushion?
farmer boy 7 years ago
Do you have any photos? Mine just sat directly on the metal plate - an upside down T shaped thing.
Slycat777 7 years ago
If its common for the step just to sit on the metal plate I'm happy with that

just checking it wasnt unusual!
pjbharrison 7 years ago
Metal to metal on mine too
Slycat777 7 years ago
Great! I'll just epoxy the step in place after its been screwed down then. Should sort out the leaks.
Going to see if I can modify the step to attach a few blocks first.
pjbharrison 7 years ago
I used Sikaflex between step and deck - no leaks, yet
If epoxy is used you won't be able to remove it again
Slycat777 7 years ago
hmm did you cover the entire of the base in sikaflex or just the outline?

also.. I think my leaks are coming down the two bolts that hold the step in place, any suggestions on how to make a good seal?
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