Skykomish E29 8:49am, 29 December 2011
Thoroughly enjoyed Three Men go to New England" over the past two nights with some really mouth watering classic boats, Shame about the final sequences on the Hudson River, there seemed a poor turn out for what we were led to believe was going to be a big event in the American Sailing calender, A flotilla of boats celebrating The Statue of Liberty's 125 birthday. I was expecting one of those events like you see on the old news reels when the river is full of boats of all shapes and sizes. Instead the program was spoiled by the presenters partaking in "tacky" activities that would be more at home on "Top Gear". It was a pity that lovely Spirit yacht couldn't get to the event she was gorgeous and have to say that should those 6 numbers come up I shall be making a call to the Ipswich yard to place an order.
farmer boy 7 years ago
It was disappointing at the end.... It looked like they were the only ones who turned up!
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