blueachilles 11:58am, 28 October 2011
We have just had a bill for £500 for storage of Blue at Ponsharden boatyard, Penryn. The total bill for the winter is likely to be about another £150 with cranage etc.

We have not kept her anywhere else since we bought her in 2003 so don't know what else is available or whether we are paying over the odds, but its not Di's favourite place to spend winter weekends, its a bit grotty.

This is question for Ron, really, but I'd like to hear from others what they do; the mooring at Loe Beach has facilities for getting a boat ashore and storing it over the winter; the boats stored there are bilge keelers in the main, and they are dragged up the beach on trailers, cradles, or simply on a couple of railway sleepers.

Blue is a fin keel, so would need some kind of trailer, not necessarily for road use, some sort of wheeled cradle would do. We'd have to float her on to it but I guess that is done by Mark, the guy who runs the moorings?

Ron, is winter storage included at Loe? What would a cradle/trailer cost to build/buy?

Any thoughts welcome.
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
Ring me!
I can help.
My mate can move you he has a trailer for an achilles.
Daddsie 7 years ago
What do the local clubs offer?
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
Nothing foc!
Scott and Portia1386 7 years ago
£55 for Portia and the the trailer gets to stay in the yard over the summer £110 for the lift in and lift out - Holy Loch Sailing Club bit far to travel but the scenary is good
Snow Goose Tim 7 years ago
Lizard trailers will construct a galvanised cradle for £600, I sourced decent coasters for the cradle online for £70 lizard fitted them, the fiment was included in the price from lizard. If you want to look at my cradle your more than welcome, it is currently sat on a farm near town and country motors on the a30. Once you have a cradle i have two options to move I have a contact with a recovery lorry they will wich up on there he charges approx £100 per move, alternatively you can hire a trailer that the cradle fits in for around £100.

hope this info may help
blueachilles 7 years ago
Thanks Tim, I need to talk over the options with my brother, and we'll perhaps organise something for next year, its too late to do anything different this winter.

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