Lower Shrouds

Andrew Curry 2:54pm, 15 October 2011

Has anyone managed to get there spreaders apart to replace the lower shrouds?
If you have do you have any tips? Mine are seized solid and i currently have them soaking in oil in a hope it helps. The next step looks like lots of heat from a blow lamp.
If you replaced them did you up grade from the standard 4mm to 5mm to match the rest of the rigging?
bdalli52 4 months ago
I am in the same boat .. Can not get them apart, soaked in oil, count less sessions using boiling water .. Is it possible to replace the spreaders and route the shrouds externally ?
Andrew Curry 4 months ago

Yes they did come apart. It just took time and a bit of effort. Keep soaking them and try twisting the spreaders in different directions. There are pictures on my photo stream that might help.
NormanKlipspringer 4 months ago
One of mine broke. Had to have new end fitting made in nylon. Worked a treat. Kept original gauge of wire.
bdalli52 4 months ago
Thank you the photos tell the story well .. There is a pin in the masthead holding the rest of the rigging it seems pretty stuck . Seems like hot water is ok if it can travel down the thread .. thanks for the responses ..
spearhead_027 4 months ago
There was a topic called "Masthead forestay fitting" 5 years ago, which has several relevant points. Have a read at that too.
HTH, Ian
bdalli52 4 months ago
Genie has a similar masthead .. thank you .. I need to figure out how to remove the dowel without hurting anything !
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