NormanKlipspringer 1:06pm, 16 September 2011
Geotagging is adding a location to a photograph. Several of the group members have done this and it would be nice if more did so. It would then be easy to see the location of members and who was in which location.
To see the groups map select the 5th option (map) under the groups name 'Achilles' when you first go to the group. You will then see a map with red spots marking the location of all the groups photos that have been geotagged. If you click on a red spot this will show you the photo and tell you which member it is.
To add a geo tag to a photo, select one of your photos that typifies you or your boat and is also in the Achilles group. Click on 'Add this photo to your map' on the right of the screen. Job done. I would suggest that you only geotag one photo otherwise the screen will get cluttered, which will defat the object.
Good luck.
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