craig48uk 8:42pm, 18 August 2011
I removed Chiron's pullpit back in Tortola, so that she'd fit in a standard height shipping container. Turned out there was no need as a Hi-Cube container was delivered, however the pullpit needed attention anyway, as 2 years previously it had been bent in a hit and run by a probable yankee bareboater.
Anyway, we managed to bend the slightly bent stainless tubes into a better pattern and thinking about reinstalling, remembered how impossible it was to remove the forward nuts. To reinstall would be near impossible, so we decided to remove the anchor locker instead, which came out easily.
Whilst we had access, I decided to rebed the genoa tack D ring and the forestay/bow roller assembly, as there had always been leaks in this area.
So......the nuts holding the forestay/bow roller assembly were barely finger tight, bar the foremost that had easy access. How long had it been like this? I assume most of her days. Also, although 30 year old sealant can be forgiven, there was only the slightest trace of it around the bolt holes.
Anyway, forestay/bow roller assembly is back on, as is the tack D ring, however the port aft stud of the pullpit sheared on reinstalling, so it's off to the fabricators tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be reinstalled tomorrow along with the anchor locker, then it's on to reinstalling the keel!
Moving into our first "owned" house on Thursday, so may get the keel back on early next week, otherwise I fear another delay, but hopefully not. I have all the threaded rod, nuts and the new keel plate, so really it's Hayne's manual, "refitting is reversal of removal" time. At least we hope so!
pjbharrison 7 years ago
Good luck with the work, Craig.
Congratulations on the house. Guess you're finally putting down roots!
craig48uk 7 years ago
Putting down roots was one of the main reasons for moving here, so it'll be nice to have our own place finally.
Fabricator was on holiday, so today we're attacking the rudder tube and steering gear. I'm not keen on the metal on metal top bearing and as the rudder tube is showing signs of stress at deck level, I've decided to modify the system and add a nylon bearing at deck level that'll slip into the existing tube and relocating the pin that stops the rudder dropping out, to the headstock. Main reason for moving the pin is that there is no room to add the nylon bush at deck level and be able to pin the rudder with the current setup.
All I wanted to do was stick the keel back on, but it seems I'm doing a mini refit instead!
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