pjbharrison 3:20pm, 30 July 2011
All are aware of the exploits of Chris Butler in this yacht and of Will Garner's Atlantic crossing.
What long distance trips have any of this groups members made?
What advice would they give to others?
Any tales of hardship or daring?
Amelie (Bazzo-nl) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Amelie (Bazzo-nl) (member) 7 years ago
Nice topic. For sure i can say i'm one of the Achilles owners that does the shortest sails compared to you guys - considdering i sail on inland waters.

I really enjoyed reading William Garnier's book, very inspirational.. maybe some day..
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
Ask Andrew where he went ? !!
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
There was a chap on here last year from Greenwich University who sailed around Britain in an A24
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
I ve crossed the channel in a f8 twice,,
sailed from hayle to Cowes in solid fog till the anvil point when 42 kts hit us.
ist time in a Gull seamew.
2nd in a Nauitcat 33 (escorted home last 42 mls by Falmouth life boat)
cowes in a challenger 35 junk rig .. ketch Upic,, icelandic for seal..
No adventures in an Achilles..
sailing bye1 7 years ago
Sailed from Caernarvon, N Wales to Falmouth in a Sea Dog, and Falmouth to Watchet in a 33ft. Neither were achilles any mark.
Vidwatts 7 years ago
Queenborough to Brightlingsea, or Burnham-on-Crouch to Queenborough are the longest legs I've done. Hardly particularly adventurous. One of the slight disadvantages to keeping a yacht in the middle of London is that it takes a long time to get to open water...
Red Marlin 7 years ago
In A24 from London to Inverness and back
In 9 metre Swansea to Dundee
Aberdeen to london and back 3 times
Aberdeento Alicante and back
Aberdeen to Turkey
blueachilles 7 years ago
Longest is Falmouth-Fowey-Plymouth and back over a week last year. Again, not particularly adventurous but it felt adventurous at the time.

Blue has been to Ireland, and from Pembrokeshire round Lands End to Falmouth, in the hands of her owner before last.

Our longest non-Achilles trip is to the Scillies in Eve of St Mawes, a gaff rigged pilot cutter.
Land&Sea 7 years ago
We just got back from a 10 day tour around the Ligurian Sea sailing from La Sezia to Elba and back - posted a series of pics just now - more on my photostream. Nice weather all the way with several days flying Genaker or Spi - fantastic stuff. My advise would be to watch the weather and make sure you've got your boat organised in a way that you can live comfortably and have you safety items sorted. My question is what others do in terms of having a liferaft on board? New italian regulations prescribe a minimum raft of 45 kg. I have none right now.
pjbharrison 7 years ago
Nice set of photos. Weather, scenery etc looks great.
Practical boat owner had an article on liferafts recently.
Congratulations on the wedding.
Land&Sea 7 years ago
I like your Icon photo! it really says it all! :-)
Amrum 9171Y 7 years ago
Great photos - thanks for posting them. The weather there looks a lot better than what we're having here!
Land&Sea 7 years ago
Ah! - but what you didn't know... we just relocated to UK last spring - I now know all about it!! :-)
Slycat777 7 years ago
You can see my liferaft mount here:

It's not ideal because it does cause the boat to lean over a little, and no doubt the stern is a bit lower in the water than it should be but its well protected from any waves, doesnt interfere with the backstay and its sitting on the deck (not hanging from the rails).
Fleur064 7 years ago
I know it doesn't count because Fleur is a 9M, but we've just done Solva - La Rochelle - Solva, which was a fair old way.
Daddsie 7 years ago
Achilles Nuef is in New Zealand
jendave1 7 years ago
We sailed over to Ireland 3 or 4 times, longest run Campbeltown to Glenarm about 45Nm. Also did a 2 week cruise with overnight anchoring, about 300Nm all in.
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