pjbharrison 10:34pm, 12 August 2011
A 72-YEAR OLD Swede has set out on an Atlantic crossing from Co Cork in a tiny self-built boat.
Yrvind’s 4.6m (15ft) dinghy, named Bris , is the latest in a series of boats he has built and sailed single-handedly on voyages as far as the Falkland Islands and Cape Horn.
This model had just 10 hours of test sailing before his departure, having been towed by trailer from his Swedish home to Cork.

Amrum 9171Y 7 years ago
Thanks for the link, PJB - I thought he was an eccentric nutter before I looked through his website. I suppose he actually is (!), but at least he has a track record, and I was very interested in his mini 'Bris sextant', and his knots.
An interesting little boat too, although that long oar look vulnerable!
pjbharrison 7 years ago
Agreed, oar looks very vulnerable.
Boat looks like a mini sub " yellow submarine" comes to mind
It seems to heel a lot with those small sails. I imagine it will be very interesting when he meets some strong winds.
Seems to be making slow progress?
NormanKlipspringer 7 years ago
The title of the discussion really got me going for a minute. How was it possible I thought, till I read on and realised you were just getting us interested.
guillainevib 7 years ago
Hello everyone. I've not been here for ages as life has got firmly in the way of my other plans. Nice to see you all again.:)
This topic caught my eye. I have been a fan of Yrvind for ages. He is quite astonishing. I share your interest in his knots Snifter. More than a few minutes work for him there. The guy is a deep thinker, and an able doer, able to sail gently, literally and metaphorically, in areas most of us would never contemplate. I like that about him. Has anyone read his autobiography on the site? All in all a cool in my opinion.
pjbharrison Posted 7 years ago. Edited by pjbharrison (member) 7 years ago
He's out past the continental shelf now but progress seems slow. It is a very small boat though.
Just checked map again, seems to be on target fro 20/30 days to Madeira. How does he carry enough food/water on a boat that small?

No Keel or centerboard!!!

How's the work on Merlin progressing?
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
Yes I am curious about the provisioning as we struggle to carry enough water for a weekend sailing
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