pjbharrison 10:31am, 27 July 2011
There's an App for AIS available for both Android and iPhone
It's called Marine traffic
Looks very good.
rothwell_neil Posted 7 years ago. Edited by rothwell_neil (member) 7 years ago
Love it, not much traffic in Solway but will turn this on next time sea fret comes in.

Found good web site for us northern types, can't beat the Clyde Cruising guide but good for office browsing.
jendave1 7 years ago
Nice site, will stop me working...
Mike A1 7 years ago
I downloaded the Marine Traffic app onto my Android phone and found it works very nicely. At first I thought that the last reported positions were over an hour out of date until I realised they were in GMT. Doh.

Not sure I would use it for serious navigation but it would be better than nothing if caught out in low vis.
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