craig48uk 6:29pm, 24 July 2011
Just saw a white hulled, yellow decked 24 under tow passing Kip Marina, behind a 35/40ft motor cruiser. Anybody know of this one? Seemed in good nic from my end of the telescope, blue and white boom cover with furling jib.
Didn't seem to be anyone aboard and the tow line was short, perhaps someone just bought her and figured out this was an easier way to eat up the miles to her new home?
Scott and Portia1386 7 years ago
Craig she is in at the holy loch she is a mark 11 and isn ormally moored along from Portia. She appeared about two years ago. I dont often see her out. there were a couple of 24's from Helensburgh but farm boy got one of them, I met a lad who brought his achilles from loch lomond for a cruise on the Clyde. Scott
costin88 7 years ago
Hoping to moor in Garelochhead all being well, are there many members local?
craig48uk 7 years ago
Looks like the 3 of us so far!
Scott and Portia1386 7 years ago
Where on the gareloch are you
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