Daddsie 8:58pm, 3 August 2011
Did some filming for the One Show (BBC 1 1900 weekdays) a few weeks back. They were after some sailing shots etc.

I would just like to say I do not normally sail like what will be depicted on the show next Wednesday.

However it gives us the chance to show off an Achilles on TV!
craig48uk 7 years ago
Taking one for the team huh!
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
Folks remember 7pm tonight
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
looking forward to it. We were supposed to be across the Thames and up the Suffolk Coast but this relentless wind has put pay to that idea for this year. So will be nice to see Daddsie in action
craig48uk 7 years ago
FAMOUS! Little bit pinned in there for the camera and heeling shots?
Rumrunner's quite photogenic on the moving camera.
Snoopy463 7 years ago
Rumrunner looking good out there, could of pushed her a bit more though!
Skykomish E29 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 7 years ago
Nice pictures hope they gave you copies!!!!!! Nice shot of the Achilles' "A" on the sail
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
I now want a 9 Meter.
Mike A1 7 years ago
She certainly looks very nice!

Picture available to download here:
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
I ve got a new screensaver,,
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
Yes I have a new desktop background too
rothwell_neil Posted 7 years ago. Edited by rothwell_neil (member) 7 years ago
You normally have to pay someone to get pictures like that. well done, great background for the PC. Bit of weather helm there Steve?
Daddsie 7 years ago
As per my original post, not the way i sail my boat but they loved to see it on its beam ends. 30 knots of breeze, pouring hard with rain and a leaden sky, three on the boat and they want the "big coloured sail" up. Did not do it in the mornings filming session but relented when the wind dropped off to a manage able 15/18. Great fun. The producer is sending me the all the filming for the 5 hours plus Jamie the presenter is sending me 300 plus images. Should be a good shot in there somewhere!
Amrum 9171Y 7 years ago
B****r!! Missed it! But all was not lost as still on BBC iplayer about 25 minutes in. Great shots, and I particularly like the film of you sailing off downwind into a typically English black sky! Rumrunner looks great and does Achilles proud.
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