Andrew Curry 10:03am, 14 July 2011
Hi Folks

Does anyone have a Mariner/Mercury/Tohatsu 6hp 4 Stroke with the charging option. I have had this fitted to my Mariner 6hp. But recently I don’t think it has been charging. When at tick over the voltage is around 2.5 volts and increases to 9 volts at full revs. My thoughts are to charge a 12v battery you should be getting over 13.5 volts.
If anyone has this engine it would be interesting to know what there engine is putting out before i investigate further.


Skykomish E29 7 years ago
Hi Andrew When I looked at having a charging circuit put on my new Mercury 6 HP I was advised that it is not really worth the hassle/ cost as they only deliver around 1 amp at best.
Mike A1 7 years ago
I've got the Merc 6 version but I won't be on the boat for the next week or so. I can check it out then if no one else has the answer in the meantime.
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
Thanks Mike that would be great.
Raydock Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Raydock (member) 7 years ago
I had been wondering about charging batteries with an outboard.
I assumed putting a small wind turbine up might be best, something with a vertical axis keep things simple.
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
Forgen make a very good wind turbine that apparently scored highly on test but does only seem to provide a trickle charge. This is on the Vertical axis and does not burn out bearings the way that the conventional turbines do.
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
Problem sorted and it will be easy to fix. Mariner did not use tinned marine cable between the fuse and the connector on the engine. When voltage output is checked before the fuse on the engine i am getting the proper voltage output which at full throttle is around 15 volts. Stripped the wire back and its totatly black and very corrored which is the cause of the problem.
craig48uk 7 years ago
Good to know Andrew, I have the Tohatsu version, but over in the Caribbean I tended to sail everywhere and even in a 6 day trip never went through the battery capacity. I'm sure the motor will get more use here once the keel is back on.
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