Vidwatts 6:11pm, 26 June 2011
Good to see that Sole Bay, an Achilles 24 (#289), came first in class in this year's race and an impressive 18th overall (out of 1800+ entrants).

I normally take part in this race, chartering a nice racy boat with a bunch of mates (this year a J/122) and came across Sole Bay in Lymington on Friday and had a nice chat with the owner.

I don't think they're on here, but if they are - congratulations on a great performance in very testing conditions (30kts wind and 20ft seas at the Needles). They only took about an hour longer than us on the J/122.

There were too others taking part - Thetis, who completed the course and Cejeneka who retired.

I'd love to hear a first-hand account of this years race from the Achilles participants.
Andrew Curry Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Andrew Curry (member) 7 years ago
Class result well done to the guys in Sole Bay.
Daddsie 7 years ago
A Weymouth Sailing Club boat, just disapointed that he did not win!

Paul sails Sole Bay off 1039 in club races so that he can play in the fast class, and he does well.

Met Graham with Siam in Shepherds on Friday he was OCS but given a finishing time of 17.42, we were NOD and finished at 16.04, but are appealing the discision.
Amrum 9171Y 7 years ago
I took part in the RTIOW in the Heol 7.4, which we towed down to Calshot. Rigged and launched for a trial sail on Friday afternoon. It was very windy and rough on the way to the Needles. We had 2 reefs in the main, and 6 guys on board, but were overpowered upwind - could have done with a 3rd reef or a smaller jib. Not a pleasant sail, but once round the Needles (we didn't cut inside the Varvassi this time), we hoisted the gennaker and flew down to St Catherine's hitting 15 knots at one stage, and regularly surfing at 13 or 14. Only saw to other boats with kites up, and we were overtaking everything till .... a rudder popped up. We must have hit something, and slowing down meant dropping the kite, and doing that we lost the tack line through the pole. Fixed that rudder to find the other one was working loose. Skipper fixed that by standing on head in stern locker - he looked very green when he'd finished. Then lost the gennaker halyard hoisting the code 5! Disaster - but we sorted everything out in the end, even getting the halyard back, and finished eventually, but I reckon it cost us an hour. If we could have flown the kite to Bembridge, we might have done ok.
The bruises are now starting to fade!
I looked out for the A24s, but didn't see any. I think Snifter would have liked the conditions! Great to hear that Sole Bay won her class - great performance!
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