Slycat777 11:15am, 2 June 2011
With the new headling, painting the forecabin, new foam covers and rewiring the in cabin its starting to look good.

The main thing dragging the cabin down now is the black plastic 'floor' sections that the floorboards sit on, and that run along the sides of the bunks.

Its black, and just quite scuffed in general. I noticed that this owner just painted his:

Is this a good solution? Looks neat in the photos (and I've found acrylic eggshell paint to be execllent inside the boat)
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
They are fibreglass and gel coated. Get the compund out and give them a good buffing before you paint them.
Amrum 9171Y 7 years ago
I painted mine, and it was a quick and easy job. They will still get the odd scuff and scratch, but it's a quick job to touch up, and it does brighten up the inside.
Snoopy463 7 years ago
I've done the same with Snoopy, it's worth doing it realy brightens the cabin up.
RRatCalypso 7 years ago
This looks a good idea. I'll 'do' Calypso
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