Many questions

RRatCalypso 9:08am, 29 May 2011
I have learnt how to post pictures... now you're in for it.
I have some questions, so I have put the questions against the pictures. Subjects :- Toilet hose, Ident. elcetric gizmo, Drains....
Would apreciate some help please.
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
Can we have the pictures posted to the group then then maybe we can help
RRatCalypso 7 years ago
whoops... to the 'group' ?
RRatCalypso 7 years ago
Right, I think I have now added pics to the group. Please let me know if I have failed !!
NormanKlipspringer 7 years ago
If you keep the discussion as part of the discussion and not attached to photos this helps when looking for information in the future. Pictures can be added from the pool to the discussions. Have a look at:
Groups Beta