Hull 'voids'

RRatCalypso 4:56pm, 14 May 2011
Has anyne noticed that there are several 'voids' in the hull ? They are little water traps, found in each cockpit locker, under the fuel tank (the two tank supports make two voids) and two small ones aft of the rearmost 'frame'. After bailing out several liters of water, I am thinking of making a scupper in each locker wall to drain any water into the center / under fuel tank. Then, filling the 'voids' with Pu type foam, thus making any water go down into the bilge and be pumped away. Any comments? Do I have something wrong? Remember my previous boat s were an Enterprise and a canoe, got wet in both.
NormanKlipspringer 8 years ago
I would imagine that the 'voids' you describe vary from boat to boat depending on the fitting out done by the first owner. Remember that many of these boats were supplied as kits so there will be much variation in layout. See dicussion on 'Saloon Layout' on this latter point.
I have different water traps in Archimedes and Klipspringer.
rothwell_neil 7 years ago
The only water trap I have on Emily is the bilge as everything seems to make its way there, it would have been easier if there were traps as that might have given me clues when I was first trying to find all the leaks.
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