Slycat777 8:03am, 30 May 2011
I'm just about at the end of all the work on Evenstar, very happy with the results and I'm now working on a full update for this group with before/after photos etc and a list of work done.

My biggest worry now is that at some stage my trailer will give in and all my hard work will be smashed across a road somewhere!

I'm very happy with the current trailer, a few spots of rust here and there but generally in good shape and we used it initially to transport the boat over 150miles without any issues.

I will have to trailer launch the boat and as the trailer has quite a few box sections I'm worried about keeping the trailer sound. Should I galvanise? My father recently had a trailer about 1/4 the size done and that cost about 80 quid. Guessing my trailer would be in the order of 3-400? Does that seem about right?

I'll drill drainage holes in the box sections for after launch and will connect up the hose to rinse through with fresh water etc, but my biggest concern is rust on the inside I cant see leading to a failure.

Maybe work on getting a local trailer builder to add C sections or replace box sections?
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
Galvanising only protects the outside,,, that can be wire brushed and painted... (and seen) Rust will occur inside weakening the whole trailer.... A possibility is using a long length ,half the trailer. of plastic 1/2 in hose with a bung in the end ,, drilled on sides about a foot from the end at 12 3 6 9 o clock inserted in the box . using waxoil gun and with drawn slowly ..
Trying to box up and seal the tubes does not work ..
Never a good idea to dunk a trailer ,, but if needs must.....
Slycat777 7 years ago
Eeep! I'd just assume if there were holes in the box sections the insides would be galvanised too.

Any tips for determining if the trailer is still sound on the inside?

I'll go for that waxoil trick when the boat's off, every little helps.
busy home [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 7 years ago
Take a toffee hammer.. tap the whole trailer listen for a ring .. or that sinking feeling ! Drill some small holes underneath if water run s down the drill start paniking
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
When i built my new trailer i thought about Galvanising it. But the cost was around £600.So i painted it instead which works fine as long as you never put the trailer near the water.
rothwell_neil 7 years ago
If you are going to launch before doing the waxoyl treatment then when you get the trailer out of the water do what Ron suggests for the waxoil with a hose, shove it up all box sections as far in a possible and use as much fresh water as you can get a way with to flush out the sections. Then get it to as near vertical as possible to get it to drain, steel and fresh water are not too bad companions, salt is the b%*^er and getting rid is better than treating afterwards. Do this as soon as you get it out as then no chance of drying and concentrating. On the outside a good paint will suffice as you can see any damage.

I know a yacht delivery guy drives his trailers into Windermere couple of time a week, won't put them in the sea even once, lift on and off at the sea and plunges them into the lakes with total abandon.
jendave1 7 years ago
The only galvanising I'm aware of for sections of this length would be 'hot dip', so the insides would be galvanised too. You have to make sure there are breathing holes in all the sections otherwise the trapped air can expand and cause dangerous explosions in the tank of liquid zinc - not good.
However I've only specified it for new steelwork. I would think that it could be dangerous (and pointless) to hot dip anything that had rust on. Water explodes in molten metal, even a small amount can empty the tank; any flaky rust could contain entrapped water droplets so I would expect the galvaniser to refuse anything with flaky rust.
You need a galvaniser with a big enough tank, £600 sounds pretty good to me.
jendave1 7 years ago
Oh and galvanising won't stop all corrosion, but should make things last longer than otherwise. It would still be an issue dipping in brine, but the fresh water rinse sounds helpful. You've still got the wheels & bearings to worry about...
Slycat777 7 years ago
Aye, I could potentially get her lifted off at a different harbour in future years, but as shes not been in the water in a while, I dont fancy a 2-3 hr passage around the rocky north coast as her first test sail!
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
If its a one off lauch and you have no other option. Drill holes and totally fill the box sections with engine oil before dipping in the sea. The harbour master will probably not be happy as any oil that leaks will make a real mess. Power hose the trailer as soon as you can after it comes back out.
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