Removing rudder

RRatCalypso 7:34pm, 12 May 2011
Can anyone help? I would like to remove the rudder. Seen a pic. of "Snoopy" showing a join at the bottom of the skeg, with a comment that the skeg has to be split to reove the rudder. Is that the case for my Achilles 24? How the heck do I do it without grinding away half the skeg looking for fixings ?
Snow Goose Tim 8 years ago
my rudder has a metal plat that slides over the bottom of the skeg, this then has a pin that slots in side the rudder. The bracket has clearly visable screw fixings on the skeg.
Super Snoopy 050 8 years ago
Roland, sorry to confuse you but the photo with the join at the bottom of the skeg is on Super Snoopy (Achilles 9m). Snoopy (A24) has a plate on the end of the skeg and a bolt into the rudder. I believe that the conventional wisdom is to dig a hole under the skeg to withdraw the rudder and shaft - unless you can hang the boat from the roof a la Chille.
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
Just done this on Merlin. (been away this week in camper)
Merlin is no 40,,, so early type ,, has a big lump of grp on the bottom ,, I ground this away, revealing a 1/2 in nut on a rod in the skeg. a S/S plate is bolted on with it extending under the rudder.
A nylon pintle is threaded on to a nylon bush which is threaded onto
the S/S plate.. This pintle goes in a bush up in the rudder,
I turned up a bronze bolt .. threaded the S/S, plate and lock nutted
the bolt. The bush in the rudder was ok..This eliminated the float..
My camera phone which has the pics died today, I will try to load for u
Remember this is the very old type ,, newer boats have a simpler system.
RRatCalypso 7 years ago
The tiller operates the Rudder via an aluminium block. It has a square drive onto a square pivot pin. Is this welded!! I know its not, but it seems like it. I cant give it a good hammering and cant get anything between it anf the f'/g deck. Reluctant to cut it off. What now?
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
I think the alloy block is phosfer bronze,, on to the S/S shaft.
Pour boiling water over it .. or leave a sponge full of boiling water on it ,,, or make a shield and use a hot air gun on it ..
RRatCalypso 7 years ago
It is Aluminium type alloy. I applied heat via blowlamp, but it still didnt budge. I then whacked it big time with a 4lb club hammer. It moved.. 2 mm at a time. It's out now and no damage to the deck.
Thanks for the help
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