RRatCalypso 9:03pm, 11 May 2011
Hi, I was replacing the halyard and, rather clever of me, I fixed the new rope to the end of the old one. Simple, just pulled it through. But, the hot melted join was too big to go thru the mast foot hole. So I used a few inches of whipping twine as an intermediate join, fixed to the old rope then onto the new. Trouble is, the whipping twine parted !! Shock horror. Now what do I do? How can I get the new halyard down the mast? The mast is off the hull, laying flat in my barn. The rope is 10mm, and the hole for it at the base of the mast looks like about 11mm !!
My Achilles is not only receiving tlc, but now looks like a major refit.
Any suggestions please?
farmer boy 8 years ago
I used a length of plain fencing wire...(stuff used on farms) worked very well and took no time at all. Luckily enough I had an old reel of it lying about... just bend a loop in one end and tape it up a bit then send it down the hole - you may need to twist it a bit as you push...
Snow Goose Tim 8 years ago
Can you remove the step block from the base of the mast? On some rigs you can drill out the pop rivets and remove the block. \this will leave the base looking like and open tube, giving greater acces to recieve the new halyard fed down from the top.
RRatCalypso 8 years ago
Off to buy 8 mts of fence wire. I'll try this first. The mast step block looks like it is fixed with screws, slotted head. They will not budge ! I am reluctant to go further with this option, but if it's my only one....(hope the fence wire works) . Many thanks.
RRatCalypso 8 years ago
Job done , thanks guys. It wes a bit fiddly. I got the fence wire down, but the used whipping twine, looped and stuffed down the top, then had to fish it out with the fence wire. Took several attempts at this hit or miss process, but got it in the end.
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