Slycat777 10:21am, 6 May 2011
Just finished painting the bilge. I've painted around the keel bolts/nuts for now.

I do get a little bit of water in the bilge (rain water) which has caused the nuts to rust a little. Nothing too serious tho. Will track down any leaks this season and fix em in the Autumn.

Tempted to hammerite the nuts to help protect them.. good idea or bad?
Andrew Curry Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Andrew Curry (member) 8 years ago
Clean then back to bare metal treat with rust killer then paint with a good quality paint.
Slycat777 8 years ago
Ah.. good idea. Will do!

3rd attempt at raising the new mast to see if all the rigging fits tonight. Fingers crossed. Hopefully the last adjustments we made will work.
farmer boy 8 years ago
good luck with the mast - its been one hell of a job by the looks of it!
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