Slycat777 12:14pm, 8 April 2011
The forward mushroom vent on my boat is pretty banjaxed and wont screw up/down at all as the screw has corroded fast in the middle.

These are quite cheap to replace(around 8 quid) but I've been having problems sourcing one that fits the hole in the boat. The actual cutout is quite small, around 80mm, but all the vents for sale are much larger.

The vent at the back of the boat is larger, like the ones for sale.

Any idea for a source for one of these smaller screw mushroom vents?
Andrew Curry 8 years ago
Down Marine on the Comber Rd in Belfast will sort you out
Tel 02890480247
Slycat777 8 years ago
We managed to repair the old one in the end.

Used some thuggish force to break the corrosion which was stopping the bolt turning in the vent then rethreaded both the bolt and the threads on the vent (which had been squashed by previously mentioned thuggish force).
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