farmer boy 2:15pm, 18 February 2011
Hi all, after trying for ages to polish up the compass so I can see it, I have given up. It is still just about opaque and even harsh compounding will not remove it. (maybe its on the inside!)
Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement.. I have no idea what to look for other than it should point north and have a light! - oh and be the same size!!!

ps bought a polisher to help shine up the bodywork - marvelous invention!
Skykomish E29 8 years ago
We replaced ours with a Contest bulkhead compass from Marinescene I think it was about £90 but was a straight swap if you measure the aperture in the bulkhead as they do a couple of sizes ours was the bigger one I think but it was a long time ago. A new compass makes the world of difference
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