farmer boy 12:57pm, 16 February 2011
Hi all, I have posted some pics in the group pool.. both the tiller attachment and the rudder post attachment are cracked and look quite dangerous! can you still get spare parts? If not any thoughts about repairing them? Ta..
farmer boy 8 years ago
well - I am amazed... what I thought was a complete disaster seems to be no problem to those who know how to fix it! I rang Neil Rothwell and he told me to find a local engineering workshop and take it to them.. I found one about 5 mins away - down a little side street that I have never been down before and he took a look at it and said come back tomorrow it will be a tenner!!!! I am totally astonished... Maybe fixing up this little yacht will not be as expensive as I had thought!

Anyway - I shall post pics of the repairs for comments..

Knowledge is a wonderful thing......

farmer boy 8 years ago
ps - sorry to have posted something that did not justify a post (if you know what I mean)... won't do it again.
Skykomish E29 8 years ago
No problems this is a common problem as no doubt Neil told you ( the tiller casting cracking I mean), You will no doubt fing the hinges on your forward hatch also damaged, as I am sure Neil probably told you the alloy after 30 - 40 tears is getting past it's sell by date.
Many have replaced the Tiller stock with a custom built unit ( See Ron's Picture) as the originals are no longer available at a realistic price ( a company in America produce a bronze one but at a huge price)
NormanKlipspringer 8 years ago
Don't worry about posting something which you think did not justify it. At the time you obviously did so others may be in the same position. If you find an engineering shop which can weld aluminium, stainless then keep them happy - since you will probably need them again!
pjbharrison 8 years ago
Don't be sorry for posting a subject. It has prompted me and perhaps some others to check all the castings on my boat. You may have saved someone a lot of headaches etc. so.... Thanks
farmer boy 8 years ago
Thanks all.... I have been busy today... scraped all the paint off the wooden rubbing strip things, sanded the keel/ hull (again), took the rudder "bits" to be fixed, gave the keel its first coat of paint, rubbed off the "painted on" name on the stern, and removed the old windows. Managed to break one of the windows in the process but it was badly cracked anyway. Will order new ones tomorrow. Boy am I building up some muscles! Beginning to get to grips with this now. I spend every night reading the posts on flickr and studying everyone pics - wife thinks I have gone insane.....
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
John remember not to order the window by length and front and back height as they are curved. Eagle used my old window as a template, otherwise draw it on wallpaper and mail it to him!
farmer boy 8 years ago
Good thinking! Will do...
Amrum 9171Y 8 years ago
Keep posting the pics! Great to see how easily and cheaply you're getting what sound huge problems fixed. Definitely one of the joys of strongly built little boats - the costs go up exponentially on bigger ones. You will have a great yacht after this first refurb, and you'll then get a lot of sailing with fairly minor tinkering for a while.
I should be able to start on Snifter next week. She doen't really need a lot - it's mainly cosmetic. I've not really done much to the inside so far, and want to sort the electrics.
She could still be in the water racing every fortnight, but desrves a bit of TLC before the next season.
Wife is right!
Skykomish E29 8 years ago
Have you seen the really nice tiller that Neil has made for his boat??? that is a work of art!
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
It wasn't difficult to make and I enjoyed doing it!
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