blueachilles 6:54pm, 3 February 2011
Has anybody else seen these films?

Dylan Winter owns a 19' Mirror Offshore, which he calls The Slug. He is taking it round the UK, starting in the Solent, and filming as he goes. He has got as far as Wells next the Sea, in Norfolk, and his films have got as far as the Alde. He started in 2008, so its slow progress.....

TThe films can be found on and are short, charming, witty, and beautifully filmed.

Warmly recommended.
rothwell_neil 8 years ago

For $3.99 per quarter paid by paypal the best tonic for winter sailors. I downloaded the set and they make for good watching when stuck in hotels on your lonesome. Dylan is also a really nice guy and when I first subscribed to his youtube channel he saw that I had posted an Achilles sailing video and has been in regular contact ever since. Great sense of humour and love his hatred of jetskis and all french lozenges. Have you checked out onkudu, guy sailed half way round Britain in a Corribee. Funny thing is he met Dylan and his boat is on one of the KTL videos.

There are also some videos of Ming Ming on there
rothwell_neil 6 years ago
Dylan has posted a great rant by Dickens on Mobos
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
The Slug is Gone now,, Hes got a 22ft round sterned thing ,
Down to earth guy .. no messing.
Little_Plum 6 years ago
Dylan really helped me out with a couple of stowaways. You may remember that earlier in the year a pair of pied wagtails decided to nest in my boom cover. I didn't know too much about their nesting habits and I didn't really want to disturb them. So I sent Dylan a text message asking for advice. Within about 5 minutes he called me back and we had a great yarn. Really nice bloke...
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