farmer boy 3:36pm, 2 February 2011
Windsong is now snug as a "boat in a shed" in her winter quarters and I have unceremoniously heaved everything over the side... its amazing what you find in the bottom of a boat. The bilge rats were a bit pissed off at being made homeless but no doubt they will find another cosy spot!
I found some old paperwork and it appears that the boat was previously owned by a certain Mr W MacGreggor of the Loch Lomond sailing club.
Does anyone know anything about the boat or maybe Mr MacGreggor is a member here?

..... also does anyone know were I can get the idiots guide to a Yamaha F4AMHL outboard? Does it matter how it is stored - ie upright or on it's side?
pjbharrison Posted 8 years ago. Edited by pjbharrison (member) 8 years ago
As its a 4 stroke it has oil inside it so it needs to be stored upright or on it's side with the tiller on the floor.
pjbharrison 8 years ago
farmer boy 8 years ago
I am truly amazed! How do you know all this stuff?
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
Beats buying a book dont it!
farmer boy 8 years ago
How do I find out the sail number?
busy home [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 8 years ago
Whats on the mainsail.... ? Or if not possibly under the forecabin
head lining on the roof
Write the names down I will delete adresses for safety,
farmer boy 8 years ago
doing it now...
farmer boy 8 years ago
all done now...
NormanKlipspringer 8 years ago
There is a 'Windsong' listed in the 1980 list from Butler Mouldings. It is sail number 542 and was sold to a person in Hereford. (If you want the details of the person I can send these to you via email, it was not your Mr MacGreggor ). I have never seen a sail number anywhere on the boats except on the sails. If it is on the boat then it will be the owner that has done this.
rothwell_neil 8 years ago

If you take down the ply headlining in the main (posh word for it) cabin in Emily then the number is on the back of this. It is also on the back of the liner in the forepeak. This must be original in Emily as had to be fitted before deck was bonded to hull.
farmer boy 8 years ago
I am going to try and find the mainsail today and have a look at the number... I thought it was 571 but not sure - I was told it is a 1979 vintage - is that one of the last ones built?
Andrew Curry 8 years ago
The boat number is also on the back of the headlining on Amaryllis hand written in pencil.
farmer boy 8 years ago
I have spotted a plate on the mast which indicates sail number 577...
..... also a couple of the uprights that support the safety wires around the perimeter of the yacht are loose... what are they called so I can do a search for how to repair them.....
pjbharrison 8 years ago
Some owners have moved theirs further in board beside the coachroof.
I know Ron, Chilepepper, did . so over to Ron
They're secured by bolts to plywood bonded to the hull on my boat and can be seen in the shelves under the windows.
rothwell_neil 8 years ago

I will tell you tomorrow how I fixed the 'stanchions'on mine.
pjbharrison 8 years ago
Thanks Neil, I misunderstood John to mean the shrouds!
farmer boy 8 years ago
nice one... I really need to get a grip of what everything is called...
c u tomorrow at 3.00...
jendave1 8 years ago
A few of our stanchions were loose, they sit in a GRP pocket and the pockets had cracked.
I fitted jubilee clips around the pocket then glassed over, which has stiffened them up nicely and as a bonus stopped them leaking!
Will post some photos.
NormanKlipspringer 8 years ago
Just checked the 1980 list and ys 577 is also 'Windsong'. Sold to someone in Cleveland.. When I next see Chris Butler I will ask him about the boat id and what the factory did or did not do.
farmer boy 8 years ago
Fabulous - thank you. Can't keep off this site - its addictive! I am spending hours studying photos and reading comments! I keep going out to the yacht and trying to decide what to do first! I am beginning to think a complete refit is in order - just love the interior shown by Chile pepper... hope people will forgive me if I copy!
blueachilles 8 years ago
My advice would be to do what you need to get her sailing. The interior can be dealt with over time.
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
I agree,, Do the exterior first, If you have spray painted before to a good standard do it, If not polish her. a poor brush job bugs you ever more.
Sail her a year Work out what would be best for your sailing style
If you are 5ft 10in plus you might want to rip out the cooker assy.
and make a longer berth Do you want to boil a kettle while sailing you need a gimbled good cooker ,, etc
Remember Chille has £1300 in new sails and £700 in new winches £ 400 in cushion s etc
And £5000 in time.. .
pjbharrison 8 years ago
Sail her for a season first, then set her up to your liking.
Make her safe before cosmetic work begins. Standing rigging, engine service, radio, lifebelt, MOB recovery etc
farmer boy 8 years ago
Neil Rotherham has just left (nice people these Achilles sailors!) after giving Windsong the once over... Boy am I happier now! Seems like she is sound and he has advised me to polish the sides, new antifoul, good clean out, seal a few little leaks (windows and frame thing for the mainsheet), fit a depth meter and a few other bits and pieces then get her on the water. Yippee!

He also ripped out some ply sheets which were covering the interior to expose the original vinyl - looks twice the size now and so much lighter....

I may just get myself sailing this summer after all!

Oh and he said the trailer is fine! (and he is a corrosion engineer!!! - happy days!)

May I thank everyone on here.. It has been a bit of a traumatic time after deciding to buy a yacht and I am now happy that I have made a sensible choice of boat and even happier about the generous and helpful people that sail them. I look forward to the next "get together" so I can meet you all.

songeur2010 8 years ago
Having spent 5 months repairing the hull of Songeur I totally agree that you should just do what it takes to make her safe and sail her a season. I had big ideas of refitting the interior but time quickly vanishes for little gain, everything takes ten time longer than you think, nothing is square, the rungs on the ladder will be worn out.
Check the standing rigging, check the running rigging, check the life lines and stanchions, seal any leaks, polish and anti foul and take her out.
Your topsides looked in reasonable condition to me so a quick scrub should make it functional.
farmer boy 8 years ago
Yes, I am sure you are right..... I will make a start asap. I think I will have her safe and functional by April. How would I know if the standing rigging needs to be replaced?

Oh... and how is the weather in New Zealand? Gale force winds in the north of England......Still amazed that your yacht made it to the other side of the world!
songeur2010 8 years ago
Neil would probably be the man to check the rigging. The biggest problem with stainless is corrosion where you can't see it and stress fractures which don't show until it's too late. So a good check while the mast is down should be in order.
We've had a couple of tropical cyclones come by over the last month, nothing like the cat 5 which has just hit Australia, other than that it's been almost too hot and humid, better that than Scottish rain I suppose.
Unfortunately I won't get a chance to go sailing this weekend but I'll go and say hello and pump out any water. Did we mention fix the leaks.
farmer boy 8 years ago
Laughing! Yes - near the top of the list!
pjbharrison 8 years ago
I believe its recommended to change the standing rigging if its 10yrs old or if its age is unknown. It was a condition of my insurance.
However, after 1 year its showing rust staining so I'm going to bring it back to the supplier.
rothwell_neil 8 years ago

Will send you information as promised, just a small point, whilst my surname is a town in Yorkshire it is not Rotherham, clue is in the Flickr name?
Skykomish E29 8 years ago
We polished the hull of AEOLUS with T cut from Halfords then waxed with proper GRP boat wax made a huge difference to finish, can't do it too often as it will wear through the gelcoat but as an initial treatment to get the shine back before waxing T cut will do well.
(see pictures on my profile)
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