rothwell_neil 6:44pm, 31 January 2011
It has been announced, as you may know, that 'they' wish to change the Coast Guard Service. At present there are 18 centres paired to cover each others areas. The intent would be to reduce this to 2 24/7 centres and have six 9-5 regional centres. Plus get a bunch of volunteers in to man the phone lines.

Maybe I am just an old cynic but I can't see how this would be better for us inshore sailors, last year I listened to the Liverpool Coast Guard talk down a very scared recreational fisherman in fog. The reason why he could calm him down was the local knowledge of why he was in outfalls in that location and that the tide set would not bring him into any potential problems. Would the nice man at Dover or Aberdeen have this level of local knowledge? I am sure that they will be able to cover commercial shipping and maybe we should be left to our own devices as we take the risk. BUT please don't tell me it will be better for me.

Perhaps they should just go the whole hog and 'offshore' it and use an overseas call centre?

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Skykomish E29 8 years ago
all done Neil good for you bringing this up. It is an accident waiting to happen. I used to be a volunteer Coastguard and know only too well how the service has suffered through underfunding over the years. It takes a major incident before the government (whichever party is in power) realise what a valuable job the MCGA do. Unfortunately they are regarded as a soft target as much of the general public do not knowingly use the service and therefore those cutting the purse strings think that not much fuss or indeed many votes will be lost by cutting this department as opposed to say the NHS .
Andrew Curry 8 years ago
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pjbharrison 8 years ago
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