Bilge Pump

blueachilles 9:51pm, 16 January 2011
Blue's bilge pump, which I assume is original, no longer pumps. It is situated, like I believe on all A24s, on the bulkhead at the back of the cockpit. The rubber diaphragm on the outside is split, but I don't know if this is part of the pump, or simply a seal - I suspect that the seal is just a seal, and the pump is b***ered.

The pump is a Henderson Mk 3. The current model is the Mk 5. Spares do not seem to be available for the Mk 3.

Does anyone know whether the Mk 5 is the same size as the Mk 3, so would fit in the same hole, or whether Mk 5 spares would fit the Mk 3, or has anyone any other suggestions?

The Malvern Boat Jumble is in a couple of weeks, and may provide a solution.
jendave1 8 years ago
We had a mark 5 fitted in what looks like the original hole, but I couldn't swear to it. The outer gaiter being split shouldn't affect operation, there is an internal diaphragm which will need replacing. The mark 5 is hexagonal; if yours is too I could measure and see if it's similar. There are also 'flappy' non-return valves which are less likely to be an issue but are also butyl rubber so could have corroded.
As part of the re-fit I've moved ours just inside the companionway; means I can't pump from the cockpit but better protection from UV. The idea is to have the motor fitted and left in place with a cover over which would make the cockpit location untenable for pumping.
Suggest you strip it down and have a look; it may be the easiest thing to replace the bilge pump with what you can find at the boat jumble!
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
Plenty of mk 5s on Flea bay.... They are original..
songeur2010 8 years ago
Check out this link for pump spares in the UK, was just looking as mine is getting a bit tired.
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
Its a tight turn from outlet around to the stern hole. I used a car radiator hose to avoid a kink ,
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