craig48uk 6:20pm, 8 December 2010
After a 3 week bath in PB Blaster, I managed to remove 7 of Chiron's 11 keel bolts yesterday and got 3 more turning. Unfortunately I broke an extension bar and couldn't find a suitable angle of attack to totally remove these 3, nor get the very foremost turning.
New extension purchased, next step is to get her craned from hurricane pit to trailer for the removal of the last bolts and the big stud. I can then lower the keel to the trailer bed, lift the hull by crane, remove the trailer uprights and place the hull as low as possible between the upright recepticles.
All measurements indicate I should easily make the 8ft 5" max height at the door to a 4ft Hi-Cube container, if not I can always remove the pullpit/pushpit and even let the air out the tires!
All going well, Chiron should be ready to collect from Grangemouth in Scotland sometime in February.
Just 1 part of the logistical nightmare of moving countries!
songeur2010 8 years ago
Sounds like it would have been easier to sail her home and probably a lot more exciting.
craig48uk 8 years ago
3500nm+ and the North Atlantic in winter doesn't really appeal to me ;-) besides I want to keep the custom built trailer!
Rudders88 8 years ago
Hi Craig - I've a friend that brought an Adams 10 back from Australia in a 40ft container - it just squeezed in on an angle with keel attached - mast chopped in 2 then sleeved in the UK - and just enough room for the BBQ! Bit late now but it could have ment that you didn't have to wrestle the keel bolts!.....ah......... there wasn't a trailer though!
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