9 Metre Exhaust

064Fleur 6:19pm, 13 December 2010
I thought I'd mention this because it might affect other 9s and its isn't easy to spot -
I've long been puzzled by a tiny trickle of water running under the engine and into the bilge. After much staring at it I realised that it was always there when we were motoring and sometimes when we weren't. Then I realised that it was worse in rough weather.
I traced the exhaust back as well as I could, which is hard because it disapears under the fuel tank into an area where the sun doesn't shine. It emerges in the stern locker and goes into a Vetus swan neck and then under a floorboard, where it joins a Vetus TRC40 skin fitting. This is basically a short bit of exhaust hose passing through, and bonded to, a stainless steel ring.
I emptied the stern locker (amazing what one finds in there), got the floorboard up and found a dirty black stain under the transom fitting (I'll have a go at uploading a photo).
When I finally got the whole thing dismantled - its at the outer limit of my reach, even hanging upside down in the locker - I found that the tube on the Vetus skinfitting was very badly perished and the whole thing was hanging by a few very rotten threads.
The point of the story is that it was a small, almost unnoticeable leak, but it could have given way completely at any time. The consequences when at sea would have been very unpleasant, particularly since it would be hard to realise where the water was coming from and particularly hard to get at it and fix it . I didn't realise that Vetus fittings could do this, so if any one has a similar arrangement it might be worth checking.
Red Marlin 8 years ago
I had a similar problem but the skin fitting was bronze and had corroded very slightly right round. The leak was very small when the engine was on and worse with a following sea. Very Very difficult to find - good one to highlight to other 9 metre owners
Super Snoopy 050 8 years ago
Glad you mentioned this, as Super Snoopy has had a dirty brown trickle ever since I bought her (Aug 2008). Went down to investigate this morning but couldn't raise the floorboard in the lazerette - will need impact screwdriver or a bigger bloke. Just for the sake of completeness does 064 Fleur have the skin fitting on the transom or the underside. Picture on the group site.
064Fleur 8 years ago
Its on the transom and hard to get at - there's a picture on my photostream. When I put the new skin fitting in I'm going to need someone small enough to get inside the locker, because there is no way I can reach it.

I think I'm going to put the floorboard back without any screws - I don't see that they are necessary and they make getting to a vital part of the boat time-consuming and awkward.
Super Snoopy 050 8 years ago
Ah, I see. There is a right angle at the end of the Vetus contraption. Totally agree about he floorboards incidentally - in fact, I never knew there were floorboards there. I thought the fenders and other junk went right down to the hull. Not a place I care to dwell in.
064Fleur 8 years ago
I've added a photo of the Vetus skin fitting. The right angle at the bottom of the swan neck slides into it.
NormanKlipspringer 8 years ago
Piers, the last few photos you uploaded are not in the Achilles group only in your photostream. They are likely to be overlooked in future in they are not put into the group. How about completing your profile telling us your boat details and your name so when you make a comment members know something about you. Have a look at mione for reference.
BTW the information you are providing is invaluable. Please keep it up.
064Fleur 8 years ago
All done.
NormanKlipspringer 8 years ago
Piers, I am not used to such a quick response. Thanks and well done.
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