Vidwatts 3:07pm, 19 November 2010
Both bilge keels on Aeolus have clearly suffered some damage to them, probably caused by wash from passing boats as low-tide approaches and she bounces on the detritus found on the Thames foreshore.

I've posted some pictures of the keels and you can see clearly the rough edges which I'd like to repair.

One suggestion is to add a sacrificial steel strip to the underneath, bolted into the keel with filler for the gaps. Another is for some sort of boot over them.

Does this sound like a sensible option or are there alternatives to consider?

Can anyone point me to information about the construction of the bilge keels - are they just solid fibreglass?
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
Grind the damage back heavilly with an angle grinder and a 36 grit pad .
especilly the underneath. Build up a boot with fiber glass , about 1/4 in
thick, chopped strand matt. about 4 ins up.grind smooth.
adding steel ? Only way to bolt would be to drill through and strap ,
Big possible problem when same senario next year.and stainless below water line not good idea. You can always patch up fibre glass..
Skykomish E29 8 years ago
Alternatively fill back to level and get a deeper mooring.
sailing bye1 8 years ago
The Hurley range of bilge keelers had GRP shoes bonded under the keels, the Vivacity had timber soles.
I had a mk3 silhouette, both shoes were damaged but it was very easy each year to make good by jacking up the hull and dropping on the contents of a tin of Isopon resin and matt mixture and then shaping/sanding the mess!!!
Andrew Curry 8 years ago
I would make shoes out of 3mm steel and get them
sailing bye1 8 years ago
Had a visit to Lyme Regis today, the boats spend the winter ashore in the car park. A number of the boats have shoes fitted propably steel, difficult to tell with antifouling paint covering.
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