gambling dice 10:56pm, 19 October 2010
Hi peeps,
as I was sailing out of Milford Haven past all the lovely oil tankers and into dale Roads in August--my only sail this year having bought gamblin dice i was being hit by some squalls and having great fun. The sea state was at most slight as i was still in the estuary. I was a bit surprised that I actually had some water come over the lee gunwale in these conditions.
Having looked at most of the boats on this forum i notice they have sprayhoods. I don't intend racing, apart from perhaps a token gesture at west highland week, but had thought a 24 foot boat would afford a bit more protection when in the cockpit. I am well used to getting soaked when sailing being a former dinghy sailer and my last boat a hunter 19 could get pretty wet.
does anyone sail without a sprayhood?
gambling dice 8 years ago
Sorry for lee gunwhale please read weather gunwhale.

cheers, peter
jendave1 8 years ago
Our first season, and top of the list for next year is a sprayhood. We always leave dodgers up which helps, but get really wet in the rain; a bit of spray is fun but in the rain nothing dries out and it can get a bit miserable.
I'm a bit confused about your lee / weather gunwhale - was it wind driving over the weather side or the lee side in the water? Dodgers would help with the former, reefing with the latter!
gambling dice 8 years ago
Hi, It was spray oveer the weather side of the boat which I think must have been due to an unusual chop. The boat was only partially heeled at the time. I think the lack of chines on the hull may mean that it is the ideal shape for the water to come aboard. I have subsequently spoken with an ex owner who told me he had water coming over the cockpit coamings when racing hard. Where would you get a sprayhood from?? Dodgers seem to be a popular idea also, if you have a source for these items please let me know.
pjbharrison 8 years ago
A spray hood with windows and a tiller extension is a bonus in rain or choppy seas.
Red Marlin 8 years ago
On my 24 I had dodgers but no Sprayhood. On my 9 metre I have both. Well worth having for protection against spray. Achilles boats slice through the water so do not throw up large amounts of spray due to resistance but they do go fast and produce a bow wave. Sitting under sprayhood with icy cold water hitting the plastic windows instead of going down the neck - no contest. Ideal position - autohelm on, sitting on modified washboard with seat fitted, leaning on pulled over hatchcover, eperspacher diesel heating warming lower body. OK I do not have all this but I know someone who did.
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
A spray hood is a boon on a 24,
Having seen Normans in Burry Port I think his design is better than mine and Chilles,, More streamlined and lower, (ours will hinder boom comming accross when tacking ..too high) Norms grab handle is good too..Give a lot of time to the design ,,, make a mock up with boom in place
I have dodgers for Goskar but did not use them this year. When sitting on the mooring they restrict vision a lot. I like to watch wallys around me learning to sail.. (wind surfers etc)and yachts comming up Truro. On chille we sail harder and they are good, Any good sailmaker will make a sprayhood for you ,expect £500 odd £30 for dodgers,
Use heavy duty fittings as the cheap ones break. And bolt through the attachment points,,
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
Go to your sports shop ,, buy a snooker cue extension (telescopic one)
light waterproof perfect fit over tiller ,, sit under spray hood stay dry in rain,,
also buy a tilly /barber wide rim hat keeps rain off well.
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
I vote with the rest, sprayhood and dodgers are a must for an achilles, not that they are wetter than other boats but low freeboard and like being driven hard, so wet.

Measure well for height, mine is great as low enough to always miss the boom but only just 6ft standing in the companion way, 2 more inches would be good. Also nice if you can drop it on sunny dry days as they restrict access to below particularly with later boats as companion way higher than earlier boats.
gambling dice 8 years ago
Ok will investigate further -- No danger of my A24 being a newer boat as sail number 132 !! So I should be happy that I have a higher companion way!!
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
Yes you should not have one till 350 odd,, post a photo..
Scott and Portia1386 8 years ago
I reckon on a good set of Douglas Gills Myself
gambling dice 8 years ago
yes those I do have already so could probably do with saving the sprayhood money for mooring fees next year !!
REDFIN 350 8 years ago
Make sure all the tiny holes are well sealed! As Our Achilles is still drying as our complete decking was soaked (in between layers) for more than 80 percent with water! Now all thats left is 16 percent.
elite request [deleted] 8 years ago
What's better than water rushing round your feet in to the well and giggling like a manic while you dodge the spray and odd wall of water.

All the while knowing she can take it, And if she can, so can you!

But! I am a bit of a manic sailer. (could be a good computer game)

I do like the feeling of freedom and ruggedness you get with the Achilles.
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