Achilles voyages

Red Marlin 4:28pm, 8 October 2010
After hearing about William Garniers voyage across the Atlantic last Saturday and Chris, exploits I am wondering if anyone knows of other Achilles stories. I know Chris took Achilles Neuf and Achillea/Swansea Bay on long trips and Songeur must have got to New Zealand somehow. We keep hearing about "this class of boat has made many long distance cruises". Anybody heard any more??
Andrew Curry 8 years ago
Red Marlin 8 years ago
Great loved it Tony
songeur2010 8 years ago
I'll be getting hold of the log book for Songeur in the next couple of weeks, so after I've time to read through I'll post the intersting bits.
By the look of some of the hire line cracks in the gell coat around the bulkhead and on both side of the bow she has taken a pounding, probably the southern ocean!
Red Marlin 8 years ago
Looks like Spearhead/Spring Run and Red Marlin have crossed tracks many times. Both spent time in the areas of Oban/Spain/Greece. I really should write up what Red Marlin has done
Amrum 9171Y 8 years ago
Yes, that would be really interesting! A job for the long winter evenings, perhaps?
Amrum 9171Y 8 years ago
Thanks for putting up Spearhead's links - very interesting, and will keep me going for a while!
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
1986 Achilles 24 Dunkers sailed by David Shipton recorded slowest ARC crossing of 33days 21hrs
sallybrown490 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by sallybrown490 (member) 8 years ago
I did one in 2004, from Basel, CH through all the channels to the mediterranean see. Port St. Louis, F. Sète, F. Barcelona, ES. Port Guinesta, ES.

Two years later back to Basel by trailer...

they cancelled my webspace so at the moment the url is not working...

I think I've to bring it back
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