Andrew Curry 2:04pm, 6 October 2010
Hi Anton

Is see from your pictures you have the rudder dropped out of Songeur. There was a discussion a few months back about the A24 rudder shaft and we did not establish if it was a hollow tube or solid bar. If possible could you take a look at your rudder shaft to see if it hollow or solid. I would have thought by taping it you should be able to tell if it was hollow.

Thanks Andrew
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
I asked Chris about this on sat... he said they put hollow tubes on the first boat and had no reason to change,,
Andrew Curry 8 years ago
Thanks now we know the answer.
songeur2010 8 years ago
I'm fairly certain that mine is solid, this because it weighs so much but then there is lot about Songeur which if different from the rest.
I had a small amount of rust at the bottom of the skeg RHS where the galvanising had gone, that was the main reason for dropping the rudder. I've since ground this off applied some loctite rust converter and then some zinc paint and glassed it back over hopefully with a bit of care when bolting the pintle back on I can keep the water out.
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