Slycat777 8:34am, 14 September 2010
Was doing a test rig at the weekend and see that all my standing rigging is accounted for bar a backstay tensioning system.

Looks like my boat has a single backstay chainplate. Would a simple set of two blocks between the chainplate and the backstay suffice?
pjbharrison 8 years ago
Have a look at this
The 6:1 system might suit
Do you have a furling headsail?
pjbharrison 8 years ago
Have a look at ebay item 270634057226
located in Belfast
you could couple it with 120598270045

Do any of the engineers out there think these would be OK?
Slycat777 8 years ago
Yup, we have a roller furling jib
6:1 looks good.
Quite a step up from my corribee which just had a two single pullies!
NormanKlipspringer 8 years ago
Pictures of backstay tensioners are:
All of these have the split backstay system, but thought they might be useful for you to see how they are rigged.
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