Slycat777 8:42am, 20 September 2010
Been going around the winches on my newly aquired Achilles and I notice some of the winches on the coach roof have no inner workings at all!

I'll need to replace them but they are quite small winches so should be ok.

I see there is a winch either side of the companionway, which makes sense to me, as they'd be used for halyards/reefing lines/outhaul etc run back to the cockpit.

There also appears to be a winch right near the last on the coach roof. Is this usual? Cant think what it would be used for given there are 2 winches near the cockpit!

Andrew Curry 8 years ago
Its probably for the spinaker halyard
Scott and Portia1386 8 years ago
Hi Portia has two secondary original (Barlow No.15) winches for the halyards, one on the coach roof which we use for the foresail/ spinnaker. The other one is attached to the mast. I find this useful when sailing alone as it makes the whole process a lot easier and because of the reduction in drag. I can hoist the main without to much effort.

We have two primary winches in the cockpit which were changed for self tailoring by the previous owner
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